Visits & Tours

A visit to the mosque should be booked in advance by email, post or telephone (For further information refer to the “Contact Us” page)

 A visit to the mosque usually consists of the following:

  • A guided tour of the mosque building accompanied by a faith guide.
  • Presentation & Introduction to the Islamic faith
  • Q&A and discussion session.
  • Observation of one of the daily or special prayer services.


General Rules

All visitors are requested to:

  • Dress modestly.
  • Respect the peace and prayer of worshippers inside the mosque.
  • Remove their shoes in certain specific areas around the mosque.
  • Keep food and drinks out of the mosque, except areas that have been designated as eating areas.
  • Keep the mosque’s building and surrounding area clean by disposing of litter properly and safely.
  • Abide by the general rules of the mosque as displayed around the building.
  • NO smoking in the building and at/or around the mosque’s entrance.

**Please note that we may discontinue any visit, if we find any disrespectful or inappropriate behaviour and ask visitors to leave the building.**